Beth Michell, Torah School Director
Beth Michell is our  Director of Education at Ramat Shalom.  She became a part of the Ramat Shalom family when her now college aged daughter was two and attended the Early Childhood Center.  Beth holds a degree in Special Education and taught in the public system before joining the Ramat Shalom faculty.  For many years, Beth taught in our Early Childhood Center, nurturing the youngest members of our synagogue family.  Prior to becoming our Education Director in 2005, Beth was a teacher in our Torah School.  Under her direction and guidance, our Torah School continues to provide our children with a wonderful Jewish education that instills within them a sense of great pride and love for Jewish learning, the Jewish people and our synagogue community.  Beth insures that our Torah School faculty, many of whom are long-time members of our community, works to convey a sense of joy and celebration of Judaism, rigor in learning, and openness to questioning. The learning process focuses on developing an appreciation of Jewish history, customs, beliefs, language, ritual, and other teachings through a creative, engaging classroom experience.  In addition to running our school, Beth also oversees the entire B'nai Mitzvah process.  For our families preparing to for a bar/bat mitzvah, Beth is a wonderful guide and offers a great deal of support.  

Please contact Beth with any questions you might have about our school.  She can be reached at 954-424-3164 or via email.