Ramat Shalom's Torah School

Our Torah School Director, Beth Michelland her exceptional staff offer a program that provides a creative and interactive curriculum for students in grades K through 12. The hands-on approach to education incorporates music, cooking, Judaic art, technology and special events to give each child an understanding of Jewish values, ethics and tradition, integrated with everyday life.  Students receive lessons in Torah meaning and interpretation, Hebrew prayers, services and rituals associated with a synagogue and an understanding of the importance of the state of Israel. Both our Rabbi and our Cantorial Soloist are integral parts of our Torah School.  They are actively involved in the planning and implementation of our program and are present in the classrooms throughout the year.  Our families particularly enjoy "Family Day" - when the Rabbi and Cantorial Soloist work with a specific class, teaching the students and their parents.

Students enrolled in our program are eligible for Bar/Bat Mitzvah at the age of 13, at which time a service is uniquely crafted by the Rabbi, Cantorial Soloist and bar/bat mitzvah family.  At Ramat Shalom, each child gets his or her own bar/bat mitzvah service.  Children do not "share" the bimah. This makes for a an extremely personal bar/bat mitzvah experience.

Ramat Shalom is proud that many of our students continue their Jewish education after becoming Bar/Bat Mitzvah. Our Post-B'nai Mitzvah, Confirmation and Post-Confirmation programs are unique opportunities for teens to connect to their Judaism.  These programs involve a great deal of discussion and debate.  In addition, students who successfully complete each year are invited to special programs and to travel with the Rabbi to places like New York City or Washington D.C.  For more information on our teen programs, please click HERE.

Ramat Shalom's Torah School students have access to our cutting edge, online Bar/Bat Mitzvah Preparation Program.  Built by our Rabbi and FYI Online, a leading online education company, Chai Tech allows our students to learn wherever they are, whenever they have time.  All that is needed is a computer, tablet or smartphone and wifi!  Parents enjoy the convenience of Chai Tech and can even log-in and learn themselves.  Learn more by visiting chaitechlearning.com
Torah School Schedule

Sunday Mornings
9:00-NOON, Kindergatern-6th Grade

Wednesday Afternoons
5:00-6:00PM, Optional Hebrew Enrichment for K-7th Grade

Wednesday Evenings
6:00-8:00PM, 7th Grade
7:00-8:00PM, 8th Grade-12th Grade (twice a month)

On-Line Program
Students and families log in at a time convenient for them!

We understand how busy our families are.  Our dedicated teachers will work around your schedule and insure that your child is up to date. Please feel free to share any scheduling concerns you have with us. 
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